II. Students Maintaining Uni, Work and a Social Life – A Game in the Making

Our new game idea is a play on ‘Monopoly Deal‘ and will allow players to interact and be strategic more while playing the mechanics of the game. In our Game (which has yet to be named) you play as a student, and the game aims to keep their university, work and social life balanced throughout the game while completing classes to win. Our new game is in the form of a card game and does not have an accompanying board.

The card deck contains four different cards – action, relaxation, assessment and wildcards which will encourage players to play strategically and even haggle with each other. Encouraging this type of play and communication between players will allow for them to become more involved in the game and hopefully bring out the competitive side of some players.Read More »


I. Students Maintaining Uni, Work and a Social Life – A Game in the Making

The game that was prototyped in my group works with the concept of students struggling with balancing university, work and relationships while being a student at university or even school. This theme/idea is one that we have all experienced at some point being students and is something that we hope will make it relatable to future players.

Originally, our idea was to create a game called ‘Battle of the HECS‘ which borrowed elements from and was very similar to the game Game of Life‘. This game design was way too complicated for a very simple game with an almost dull game loop. Battle of the HECS didn’t allow for any kind of strategic thinking as the game loop was restrictive and to simple. So as feedback from our tutor wasn’t what we were expecting we all thought that we could make something that still plays on the themes we highlighted but in another form.Read More »

Battle of the HECS

The group game that was prototyped in our tutorial worked with the concept of students struggling with balancing uni, work, life and relationships. Our prototyped game borrows elements from the game Game of Life‘ and has been created with UOW students in mind. We plan on making this a dark comedy type of game that will somewhat reflect the life of a university student with a lot of HECS debt (so basically everyone).

Our game starts off with the players picking a ‘Character Card‘ from the deck where there are quite a few characters to choose from. The character cards will hold those stereotypical uni students that you find at UOW or other universities, and they will have information on them based on the stereotypes. Each character will start off with their estimated amount of debt for their university course and a description of their persona.Read More »