Project Proposal

Taking elements from my research in these blog posts (1 & 2), I have come to the conclusion that playing with the elements of natural vs man-made and the idea of these being put in places they arent from would be an interesting concept to explore.

When discussing and brainstorming my ideas with my group some ideas and examples were pitched. Ideas that were suggested included showing the physicality of sound, so working with waveforms and the differences that are found between them in environments by using spectrograms (like Bernie Krause explored in his TEDTalk) or even using elements like water or rice to highlight these.


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Working Proccesses

While researching the field of sound, I have come across a few of artists who have peaked my interest and had me thinking about my up and coming project for this semester.  Artists who work in the field of sound have come up with a variety of different ways to showcase their talents and allow what they hear – be it minuscule or outright loud – to be explored in a way that engages audiences and encourages sounds to be head in a different light.

While researching artists and their practices I came across Leah Barclay who is an Australian sound artist, composer and researcher. She specialises in electroacoustic music, acoustic ecology and emerging fields of biology exploring environmental patterns and changes through sound.Read More »

Field Opportunities

Opportunity – A occasion or situation that makes it possible to do something that you want to do or have to do or the possibility of doing something. 


There are a number of opportunities for people who are interested in pursuing the art of a sound/audio engineer. Someone who wants to work in the audio production industry has the chance to work in a highly technical or unusual industry. From film scores to virtual reality, sound production careers cross a wide variety of areas in the industry that rests at the heart of art, audience and it’s ever-changing technologies.Read More »

Field Research

Sound Art – Art which uses sound as both its medium (what it is made out of) and subject (what it is about).


Sound art has undergone a transformation since the introduction of digital technology, and one theme that unites the contemporary understanding of field recording is listening and how listening can be successfully transmitted. Doing some research into the practice of recording sound, specifically field recording and sounds in digital and analogue art forms many artists and individuals appear. Everyone in this art form has different takes of the artistic practice of sound which is definitely seen through their work.


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Practice – “The actual application or use of an idea, belief or method as opposed to theories relating to it” or “The repeated exercise in or performance of an activity or skill to acquire or maintain proficiency in it”.


In MEDA301 this semester, I believe that both of these definitions will fittingly apply. The first seminar this week was an example of the first definition that I have listed of the word practice. In groups, we had to come up with a project that had to relate to Anthropocene and focus on one artistic practice, either video, sound, light, photographs or the internet and digital archive.

Each of these artistic practice mediums have traditions in their context and meaning, as well as a set structure to how the mediums are represented and what languages are used. In this exercise, we tested the concept of ideas becoming a reality and finding where the parameters exist in each artistic practice. I found that discussions and practice are essential in creating and should be sought out for as there are more learning opportunities and ideas in the act of practising rather than theorising. One could say that the goal for the course is to bring together the methods of theory and practice through experience.Read More »