Social Media and Identity and Authenticity

As previously discussed in the last blog post, a lot of users of social media like Instagram struggle with keeping their accounts or online self-authentic due to the acts of self-branding. Goffman suggests that “people perform aspects of themselves for an audience, with both performance and audience contributing to the construction of the performers identity” (Holton, A.E. & Molyneux, L., 2017), this becomes more evident when individuals display multiple aspects of themselves through different social media platforms and curate an online presence for different audiences. Balancing their personal lives with their professional lives by creating separate media accounts or relying on a less public platform for personal content (Holton, A.E. & Molyneux, L., 2017). This can be seen in a number of instances, including university students making two profiles on social media accounts, one which is more job friendly and another for more honest and raw thoughts. So as the use of social media continues to evolve, the concept and debate of presenting our ideal selves vs our real selves have become more and more prevalent on social media platforms (Green, R.K., 2013).

Self-branding while widely taken up on social media platforms, is inherently contradictory. It prompts both authenticity and business target self-presentation (Marwick, Alice E. 2013). One could argue that these two things – authenticity and business targeted self-presentation – couldn’t exist in the same sphere as each other, and I agree. Read More »

Reading, Writing and Planning: Final Review and Moving Forward

This week was a time for a final consultation with the tutors and a check-up on the ideas that you have towards presenting the final product. I am still wanting to work with and play with sounds or soundscapes in particular spaces and see If I can change the feeling and vibe of a space. This idea is quite challenging and is something that I have been thinking about for the last few weeks.

The consultation this week with the tutors gave me some more things to look at and think about for the project, especially in relation to how it will look as a finished product and what sounds that I want to showcase in my work. The question of whether or not my project will work with a narrative, be subverted, have closed of open sounds (being able to hear the outside sounds through the headphones or not), big or small sounds and how these connections will be made between the spaces and the sounds I am thinking about putting in them.

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Contemporary Media Arts

This week I dedicated my time to doing some work with the zoom and recording some sound to add to the website that I found last week. I ended up walking around the campus and finding some spots to record in that I found were a mixture of natural and man-made sounds. I ended up picking up two recordings which really emphasised this theme and uploaded these to the sound mapping website.

The first recording was done on the corner of the main digital media building and I ended up picking up some sounds of the trucks and cars driving passed on the road and also some natural sounds of birds in the background.

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Applying Research and Development

This week I ended up needing to get away from the main tutorial space and find a place to sit down and try to get my ideas for this project straight. This week I felt a bit overwhelmed and directionless with my idea and I was a bit confused.

I was found this week by one of the tutors and he sat down and discussed my ideas with me and helped me find a direction to work in and go forward with. I found this talk to be valuable and it really helped me find a path to go down and forget about the finished product and how it will look and just play around with my ideas. I knew the last few weeks that I wanted to work with man vs manmade sounds in space and found that my project over the weeks has involved much testing of ideas which is why I felt a bit overwhelmed with the number of ideas that I had running through my head.Read More »

Live Tweeting

Over the last 7 weeks, I have been engaging in a number of screenings while also participating in something called ‘Live tweeting‘. During the screening of these movies and series, my peers and I have been engaging in discussions on Twitter through the #BCM325 which provided a fantastic medium to unpack thoughts and concepts. Live tweeting on Twitter allowed for quite a lot of discussion to happen between my peers while the screening was happening but also created somewhat of a community as we all became connected through the hashtag while talking about the screenings each week. Twitter definitely allowed for a lot more discussion to happen between my peers which was highlighted at the end of some screenings where we were prompted to talk about a theory, but no one wanted to say anything out loud. Quite interesting.Read More »


This week was dedicated to group work and discussing our project ideas. My group members had some great ideas of things that they wanted to accomplish in the next few weeks and I felt like I had a good idea to start off with. I know that I want to create something like Leah Barclay and her project ‘Rainforest Listening’ and create an experience of arguments reality by using layers of rainforest soundscapes in urban environments. I think this work is something that I will use as inspiration for my end product as I think the idea and intentions behind the piece are really interesting and something that I would like to re-create.Read More »

Electronic Frontier Foundation


The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is a non-profit organisation that works to defend the civil liabilities in today’s digital age. The EFF works to ensure that the rights and freedoms of citizens are enhanced and protected as technology develops and becomes the central pillar of today society. The foundation believes that protecting the access of developing technologies for citizens is central to advancing freedom for all.

The EFF uses a voice independent from government or other organisations to defend freedom of speech, fight illegal surveillance and advocates for both users and innovators when supporting freedom enhancing technologies. The organisation works hard to advise policy makers and educates the press by developing public documents on their website to provide comprehensive analysis’s, educational guides and activist workshops.

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Reflecting on Transnational Media and Cultural Industries


Reflecting on my BCM288 Transnational Media and Cultural industries experience, I have found that it has allowed me to open my eyes to a range of different subjects to do with film and digital media companies, consumers and the abundance of creative and cultural content flows happening in the world and especially Australia.

While taking this subject I have found exploring television programs audiences and consumers, especially when looking at the block and other kinds of reality TV shows and how barriers between privacy have been demolished in a way. This was brought up in week 2 and 3, where the example of the office was brought up to show the comparison between two different cultural groups and how one was more successful and engaging than the other. I found this topic to be really interesting which is why I decided to further look into the differences between specific TV adaptions with the example of skins. Looking into the reality TV show adaptions was also a really interesting topic. When looking at this we explored the reality show Masterchef and its ability to translate a wide range of audiences around the world.Read More »

Consuming Reality TV


Consuming reality TV shows has become a constant in the lives of some and even for myself personally. Why we watch reality TV shows is often a source of debate, but it always comes down to our growing fascination and desire to fantasise about the prospect of acquired fame and our ability to somehow relate to the ‘reality’ perceived. From the ‘Bachelor’, ‘The Block’, ‘Neighbours’ or even ‘Teen Mom’, out afternoons are filled with enough drama that we can’t help but soak it all up.

So why do we feel compelled to watch these shows?

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 12.55.40 PM.pngWith this genre of television, the privacy barrier becomes obliterated. Because of the style of filming and the ability to reach these TV reality stars on social media it makes audiences feel as if they were their friends and that we know everything about them. The audience becomes obsessed with the actors on TV and starts to construct relationships with them and other people through social media like Instagram. In doing this it allows for the media platform to forge connections and encourage the involvement of ordinary day to day people in the lives of the extraordinary people.Read More »

Audiences in the Media

Media convergence is basically the merging of mass media like television, radio, the internet along with portable and interactive technologies through various digital media platforms. Today I will be talking about the effects that media convergence has on an audience and the power that the audience can hold in the media because of it, Enjoy!


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