Audiences in the Media

Media convergence is basically the merging of mass media like television, radio, the internet along with portable and interactive technologies through various digital media platforms. Today I will be talking about the effects that media convergence has on an audience and the power that the audience can hold in the media because of it, Enjoy!


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Anxieties with Media Audiences

Many individuals are experiencing anxieties in relation to the media and the impact that it could possibly have the person using it. But, are these anxieties justifiable? And should we be feeling this way?


Violent video games/Violent videos = violence in children, is a very common anxiety formula that people argue. Why? Well, many people believe that if a child is playing or watching such violence they will act upon it in society. Games such as Grand theft auto, call of duty or even the Sims are a few of many video games which have a whole lot of violence attached to them, which in turn leads to a lot of controversy. This whole issue creates a ‘moral panic’, where the feeling of anxiety spread amongst society because people fear that the effects of these video games on children will corrupt or threaten society.Read More »