Reading, Writing and Planning: Final Review and Moving Forward

This week was a time for a final consultation with the tutors and a check-up on the ideas that you have towards presenting the final product. I am still wanting to work with and play with sounds or soundscapes in particular spaces and see If I can change the feeling and vibe of a space. This idea is quite challenging and is something that I have been thinking about for the last few weeks.

The consultation this week with the tutors gave me some more things to look at and think about for the project, especially in relation to how it will look as a finished product and what sounds that I want to showcase in my work. The question of whether or not my project will work with a narrative, be subverted, have closed of open sounds (being able to hear the outside sounds through the headphones or not), big or small sounds and how these connections will be made between the spaces and the sounds I am thinking about putting in them.

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On Care and Reflecting

20180615_162225This week I further brainstormed the medium of sound and wrote down what I was thinking about working on for the final project. This week I looked into what sounds I would like to use in my final project and where I would like them to be in the spaces. I also looked into what spaces I would like to use to present my final project and came up with a few that I wanted to use like the entry of the media building, the canteen and lunch space and maybe the outside courtyard. Other places like underneath the staircase were also considered as I think it would be interesting to make a smaller space in a large space.

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Screen, Projection, Display: Presenting Your Work

This week we talked about how and where we will be presenting our final projects. I found that because my work will not be presented on a screen or have a set place I didn’t really need to write my name down and fight for space like other years.

I found that this week I did a lot of research into sound mapping and working on that website that I talked about last week. Over the week I have been receiving emails from the website with information on people updating it and putting their own sounds on the map. I found myself listening to these updated sounds and further exploring the website and its contents.

This week we also had some time to sit with our original groups and talk about our projects and how far along we were with them. I ended up working with one of my group members on their project by helping them create their prototype which was a cloud made out of cotton balls while also playing around with projecting images on to it. Read More »

Contemporary Media Arts

This week I dedicated my time to doing some work with the zoom and recording some sound to add to the website that I found last week. I ended up walking around the campus and finding some spots to record in that I found were a mixture of natural and man-made sounds. I ended up picking up two recordings which really emphasised this theme and uploaded these to the sound mapping website.

The first recording was done on the corner of the main digital media building and I ended up picking up some sounds of the trucks and cars driving passed on the road and also some natural sounds of birds in the background.

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Applying Research and Development

This week I ended up needing to get away from the main tutorial space and find a place to sit down and try to get my ideas for this project straight. This week I felt a bit overwhelmed and directionless with my idea and I was a bit confused.

I was found this week by one of the tutors and he sat down and discussed my ideas with me and helped me find a direction to work in and go forward with. I found this talk to be valuable and it really helped me find a path to go down and forget about the finished product and how it will look and just play around with my ideas. I knew the last few weeks that I wanted to work with man vs manmade sounds in space and found that my project over the weeks has involved much testing of ideas which is why I felt a bit overwhelmed with the number of ideas that I had running through my head.Read More »

Iterative Process

This week was based around the groups that we were placed into during week 5 and were asked to fill out some information based on our projects. This included:

A Working title of the project, key materials the project might consist of, a significant idea or theory that the project relates to, identify a tradition of the genre the project responds to, an aim or goal of the project, the personal motivation or personal relevance behind the project

  • Circle or underline the two most important aspects of the project or two areas you are having trouble with
  • Outline a single experiment/model to undertake today that will develop the project – detail on the sheet of paper
  • Spend 10 mins discussing projects by the way of two significant features identifies in step 2 and the activity of step 3
  • Discuss how you want to spend the next two hours (and weeks) and if you require assistance or wish to work with others and their project experimentation

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This week was dedicated to group work and discussing our project ideas. My group members had some great ideas of things that they wanted to accomplish in the next few weeks and I felt like I had a good idea to start off with. I know that I want to create something like Leah Barclay and her project ‘Rainforest Listening’ and create an experience of arguments reality by using layers of rainforest soundscapes in urban environments. I think this work is something that I will use as inspiration for my end product as I think the idea and intentions behind the piece are really interesting and something that I would like to re-create.Read More »

Project Proposal

Taking elements from my research in these blog posts (1 & 2), I have come to the conclusion that playing with the elements of natural vs man-made and the idea of these being put in places they arent from would be an interesting concept to explore.

When discussing and brainstorming my ideas with my group some ideas and examples were pitched. Ideas that were suggested included showing the physicality of sound, so working with waveforms and the differences that are found between them in environments by using spectrograms (like Bernie Krause explored in his TEDTalk) or even using elements like water or rice to highlight these.


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Working Proccesses

While researching the field of sound, I have come across a few of artists who have peaked my interest and had me thinking about my up and coming project for this semester.  Artists who work in the field of sound have come up with a variety of different ways to showcase their talents and allow what they hear – be it minuscule or outright loud – to be explored in a way that engages audiences and encourages sounds to be head in a different light.

While researching artists and their practices I came across Leah Barclay who is an Australian sound artist, composer and researcher. She specialises in electroacoustic music, acoustic ecology and emerging fields of biology exploring environmental patterns and changes through sound.Read More »

Field Opportunities

Opportunity – A occasion or situation that makes it possible to do something that you want to do or have to do or the possibility of doing something. 


There are a number of opportunities for people who are interested in pursuing the art of a sound/audio engineer. Someone who wants to work in the audio production industry has the chance to work in a highly technical or unusual industry. From film scores to virtual reality, sound production careers cross a wide variety of areas in the industry that rests at the heart of art, audience and it’s ever-changing technologies.Read More »