MEDA201: Experimental Film Project

The theme for my experimental film piece is primarily based on found footage of a group of men in a meeting. Playing on this idea, the footage was edited in a way to make the scenes more interesting and unique by including cuts, overlays, repetition and range differing speeds. A non-linear structure was used as many of the clips were edited into random order and placed anywhere on the timeline.

I believe the idea of rhythm was explored in this piece through the use of repetitive editing and a range of different speeds as well as the manipulation of the celluloid film through scratching.


Analogue Film

The cameraless film focuses on producing images through directly interfering with celluloid film strips by scratching, painting, drawing, bleaching or destroying them with additive and subtractive methods.

I think that this idea of interfering with the medium of film is appropriately discussed in Clement Greenberg’s argument, where he states:

“Each medium has its own unique characteristics and these should be the basis of how the medium is used. The focus should then fall on the materiality of the medium (the physical and how people interact with it). The medium then often becomes the work)”

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