Digital Coding Artworks

For my second assessment using processing, I found inspiration from a past students photo that had been taken during the MEDA computational thinking and instructions workshop. My sketches use the themes of iteration through the process of creating the numerous bars that crossed through the centre of the page. By including iteration in this art piece… Continue reading Digital Coding Artworks



Recreating 'Bridget Riley's Encircling Disks with black' with processing looks like easy work, but for a beginner (and someone with very limited code knowledge) it can be challenging! Mine isn't exactly the same as the original, however I think with the ability for the code to change the colour randomly it adds some kind of character to… Continue reading Processing

Sol LeWitt – Instructions and Procedural Actions

Sol LeWitt’s belief of the artist being the generator of ideas was instrumental in the transitions from the modern to postmodern era. His art is considered to be a milestone in the transition from the minimalism of the 60’s to the conception art of the 70’s. LeWitt’s idea of producing a set of instructions that… Continue reading Sol LeWitt – Instructions and Procedural Actions