MEDA101 – Around the Campfire

Where am I from?

From my last post, I showed the visuals that come to mind when being asked that particular question. However, for this project, I had to think a bit further and change my perspective a little.

For the sound part of this question, I chose to pick a particular place from my previous remoscopes that creates the feeling of being home for me. There was one place in particular that came to mind: the campfire.

The campfire is an important part of camping for me. It is the centrepiece of the land, a place where people are always around, somewhere for you to think, somewhere for people to come together and drink a few too many and a place to share stories, music and laughter.

For this assessment, I wanted to capture the contrast between the serenity that falls over the camp when the fire is lit as well as the busy and loud nature it creates. To do this I chose to include a number of sounds to overlap in this piece that were both soothing (the fire and music) and loud (dogs barking and people talking).


MEDA101: Where I’m From Remoscopes

Where am I from? Well, that’s quite an interesting question.

George Ella Lyon’s poem ‘Where I’m from‘ sparked my investigation to explore places, objects, events and people that are important to me throughout my life so far. When reflecting on this, a few fundamental things came to mind: my family, camping and reading.

My approach to this task was to take as many videos as I could of things that are important to me. I planned to go to a family’s farm to shoot some footage which was mostly used in this assessment. By using this kind of footage I would be able to convey the spatial and overall experiences of where I’m from to an audience more effectively.

I made the decision to stick with the remoscopes that I have displayed in this video over the others because I believe that they were more effective in conveying the things that are important and have been influential in my life.

The remoscopes hold more memories of where I’m from and how those memories have made me who I am today. For example, camping becomes a place of adventure, somewhere you have to look for simple things to do to entertain yourself during the day. This becomes closely linked to my family members and all the mischief and adventures that we got up to at camp. The shot of the campfire is a symbol of bonding time, a place where everyone comes together for a laugh, to talk and free their mind. These simple things are important to me, which is exactly why I chose to explore them for this project.