The Internet of Things

The internet of things is about connecting devices over the internet, letting them talk to us and applications. The rapidly growing network of connected objects that are able to collect and exchange data using embedded sensors. Devices can include smart fridges, smart home and smartwatches. The introduction of these devices is more about the use of personal argumentation – which means less about individual devices and more about living services that people program and connect smart devices however they feel.IoT_20141023_01.jpg

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Cyber warfare is known as an internet conflict which involves politically motivated attacks on information and information systems. Each side attempts to compromise and destroy the infrastructure of the other, disable websites and networks, disrupt or disable essential services or steal or alter classified information. Physical weaponry, in this case, has changed and become the not so important part of welfare. Cyber warfare levels the playing field between the riches and the most technologically sophisticated nations and those without the same resources.


Cyber warfare is used by a whole lot of different groups such as CyberCaliphate. The group has hacked multiple websites of newspapers, TV nations and Twitter accounts in the US. CyberCaliphate has successfully hacked the US central commands Twitter account and during the times they had the account in their hands they posted threatening messages to the US soldiers. The Islamic state has also claimed to have hacked into the US’s department of defence services and posted the names and addresses of the US service people that are engaged in a war against ISIS.Read More »


Hacktivists are people who gain unauthorised information or access to computer files or networks in order to further social or political ends. We all know there are people out there that would do anything to get a hold of our personal information, even out social media sites. We have to be careful to use a variety of different passwords and usernames in order to avoid our accounts being hacked.


If you don’t already know, Myspace has been hacked and it has been said to be the largest breaches ever on social media. Yes, your old Myspace account has been hacked and has come back to haunt you. In the days of Myspace, 1464367311324180.pngpasswords were not protected very well which means that if you are still using the same passwords on any other site today as you did for this social network your account is at risk!Read More »

Social Network Revolutions

Social media has the power to unite and link people around the world. During the #Blacklivesmatter protests in America, Twitter became the platform used to unite all people from around the world to one very big topic.  Twitter was used in order to bring pressure and light on a number of shooting that had been taking place around America to unarmed, innocent black lives.

trayvon4.jpgIn July 2013 the trial of George Zimmerman who had shot dead a 17-year old African American Trayvon Martin while he was unarmed on his way back from a convenience store was where the black lives matter hashtag was created. Using the hashtag allowed and encouraged people to speak out on Twitter and other platforms about their experience and their outrage over these issues.Read More »

Citizen Journalism

Citizen journalism is present in the everyday society through the use of the internet and mobile technologies. The basic idea of the news and how it is being presented and captured is experiencing a fundamental shift in society. Nearly 60% of people are not using Facebook as a recurring news source while magazines and newspapers struggle to keep up with the news. Many people express the idea that traditional news outlets have become slow in reporting news and in some cases have too much of an underlined agenda in their reporting.

Citizen journalism has the opportunity and the tools of modern technology and a limitless reach of the internet to create content that would probably not have been revealed without. This new system of journalism allows for independent parties to create a wide range of relevant information that can be seen as crucial to a democratic society.Read More »

Apple and Android – Does it Really Matter?

The classic iPhone vs. Android debate, the two dominant operating systems for mobile devices today. The two are basically the same at the lowest level of operating: they allow the user to call, text, access the internet and use applications. However, there is a very clear difference between the two operating systems which I will get into.

iOS.pngThe Apple iPhones IOS operating system is a more closed or a ‘walled garden’ where users can only access applications and other software which have been accepted by Apple themselves. In doing this the IOS system only holds applications which have been reviewed by Apple which can be a bit of a process. This limits the user’s control over the platform and also the types of applications that they can have on their phone.

url.jpgOn the other hand, Android is more of an open ecosystem which allows for more user flexibility. The phone’s software can be easily manipulated and customised by the user, which also allows the user to create and download applications when they desire. The user is able to manipulate the phone to what they want.

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Big data, Surveillance, Permission Control

Everybody knows about the risks that come with signing up for social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others. When we use these social media sites were given permission and invite the owners of these companies to our personal data. Sites like Facebook are well known for using our data in order to personalise advertisements and to track our movements on and offline.

Geofeedia – a controversial social media monitoring tools put together to pull social media feeds through APIs – was used to monitor Ferguson and Baltimore. Police were given access to the social media sites to user data by Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in order to track the protests in Baltimore and Ferguson. The ability for individuals to access the social media sites allowed for the quick distribution of content.Read More »

The Long Tail Effect and Successful Businesses


The long tail effect suggests that the internet makes it easier to distribute items and products, this will then entail a shift from the most popular products being at the head or centre of the public eye and demand to a number of small niches being increased. So overall we a shifting our focus onto a small number of specific niche markets.

The digital market – Amazon, Spotify, iTunes and Netflix – allows for an unlimited amount of choices for the public with no restraints.


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Information is Power

We live in a society where we are always available and connected. It’s important to remain on top of things that happen during the day – daily news or even family and friend’s updates on social media sites. We often forget to look at social media platforms as a business, which happens to only run because we fuel it. We become the producers of these social media sites, we help them stay alive by constantly being on them and posting things about our every day, even things that should remain personal.

When using these sites, we give permission and invite these companies into our lives and days, we then give out our personal data, and that’s how they make their profit. The data captured gives third-party marketers information which they can use to determine what advertisements you would respond to or even what your next app download would be.Read More »

Distributed and Decentralised Networks

The internet provides forms of communication and information to everyday individuals all around the world. Communication networks such as distributed and even decentralised networks allow for connections to be made through numerous amounts of central points, which connect to one another.Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 6.35.42 PM Using these two modes of communication it can be very difficult to shut down or break the node to stop information from travelling.

Torrent file sharing is a great example of these communication networks at work. Sites like The pirate bay (TPB) do not host any local files which could be subjected to copyright laws but do provide information about the files and way to get to them. This torrenting website uses distributed server structures that make it somewhat impossible to shut down.Read More »