Peer Review: ‘A Series of Travel Blogs’ by Zoe Majstorovic

During the semester I have chosen to follow the development and trajectory of my peer Zoe Majstorovic’s ‘A Series of Travel Blogs digital artefact. At the start of the semester deciding on a project that Zoe would enjoy and have interest in was difficult and we spent a lot of time brainstorming ideas over messenger. Her first idea was to test out craft from crafting books that she had since she was a kid and after doing some testing and prototyping of the idea she came to me for some help deciding on whether or not to continue working on the project. After looking at what she had done so far, we both decided it would be better to find a different project for her to do.

After deciding to move on with a different project we brainstormed some other ideas that she could do for a project that she had some interest in and came up with the idea of a travel blog. This project idea was something that she would enjoy doing and had some extensive knowledge in that could help others who decided to travel to these places. In order to make her blog posts stand out and be different from other travel Digital artefacts, I brought up the idea of putting a twist on it, which is something that Zoe has been playing with through her writing, posts structure and content.

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