Reflecting on Transnational Media and Cultural Industries

Reflecting on my BCM288 Transnational Media and Cultural industries experience, I have found that it has allowed me to open my eyes to a range of different subjects to do with film and digital media companies, consumers and the abundance of creative and cultural content flows happening in the world and especially Australia. While taking… Continue reading Reflecting on Transnational Media and Cultural Industries


Australian Co-Productions – Children Shows

Co-production provides a means to pool financial, creative and technical resources from participating countries for the production of film and television programs. These productions enhance the collaboration between countries that have small production industries which allow for a pool of resources and the ability for the country to compete in an international market. Co-productions are… Continue reading Australian Co-Productions – Children Shows

Translating Comedy and Drama Across Cultures

Television in translation is the process of translating media across different cultures. These translations rely heavily on the cultures themselves and how they run in order for their respective audiences to effectively engage in them. The most important aspect is the audience and how the individuals with differing cultures understand and interpret the chosen translated… Continue reading Translating Comedy and Drama Across Cultures