Digital Project – Media and the Public Space Reflection


For my Digital Project, I chose to look into public spaces and how people use technology and social media within them. I wanted to explore the idea of how media affects the connections people make to public spaces, the other people around them and whether introducing technology into a public space have been beneficial.

In order to explore this, I decided to take photos of the public spaces to show how they are being occupied and used and add them to the blog post. I found this to be quite fun and a good way to show people what I was talking about on the blog. My original idea with the photos was to take one before people were in the public space then take another during. I, however, wasn’t able to do this and stuck to taking photos of the public spaces during the time there would be people occupying it.Read More »


Digital Project – Media and the Public Space

For my BCM240 digital project, I have decided to look into public spaces and how technology is used in them. I have decided to take photos of people in public spaces to highlight how these spaces are used and how technology has been introduced into the spaces as well. By doing this I aim to explore the idea of how media affects the connections people make to spaces and also to the other people around them and whether introducing technology to a public space can be beneficial.

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Have You Been Paying Attention?


We all believe that we have great multitasking skills as it’s become very easy to do with access to technology. When we focus on more than two tasks at once the amount of attention and quality of the tasks can diminish. This idea becomes more apparent when talking about using multiple media platforms and different types of technology at one time. A great example of this would be a lecture or tutorial – where people are partially paying attention to the lecturer as they are presenting while surfing Facebook and other media platforms. This kind of multitasking happens frequently within university lectures and tutorials and it’s become quite easy to pick up when it happens.Read More »

Ethics and Respect in Photography

Ethics and respect – two words you probably wouldn’t have thought went together when taking photos. These two words are important to consider when going out and catching those candid photos of the people around you.

There is an issue of consent when it comes to taking a photo of someone on the street that you don’t particularly know. If someone doesn’t want their photo to be taken and expresses this idea to you after you have just taken a great shot what would you do? Would you respect their wishes and delete the photos that they are in? Would you show them the photo and explain why you need it? Or would you outright refuse to delete it?

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A ‘Great’ Cinema Experience


I’ve been to the movies quite a number of times during my lifetime. The first movie I actually remember watching was the Incredibles that came out in 2004. I remember going to this movie because my pop had taken me, and we had a great laugh at the animations that played before the actual movie (seriously they were so good). When I was that age, the movies were seen as a big event, and it usually didn’t happen very often because as I know now they are quite expensive.

Fast-forward to today, going to the movies is still seen as a thing people do to socialise (which is actually pretty funny considering you don’t actually talk during the movie and all attention is put to the screen) and it’s quite acceptable to go and see a movie with your friend and family.Read More »

The Networked Home

The introduction of the internet into the everyday family household has changed the way that many of the spaces within the house are used and in turn how technology is used. The overall communication methods within a household have also changed due to the introduction of the internet and other forms of technology. All family members are entwined together through the internet, where they become available to 24/7 availability and also the opportunity to connect to one another outside the house.

Internet access has become a must wherever we are – at home, in a café or even shopping. What’s interesting to look is the responses people give when they are no longer able to access the internet, almost like they have cut off a limb. For example, the other day I forgot to bring my phone with me, and yes this may seem petty but I felt isolated and also vulnerable. The connection people make with others using the internet is important this day and age even if the connection itself is through a phone.Read More »

TV Memories

When looking at the television in this day and age, it becomes quite clear that it has become the centrepiece of the living room. What I would like to explore is the introduction of the television and the effects that it had on my two family members, My Nan and Dad. When speaking with my Nan and Dad there was an obvious difference when it came togiphy.gif their experiences with the television when they were children. As well as this, the experiences of both my Nan and Dad would be very different to the experiences my sister and I would have had.

My Nan was around to see the first coloured television introduced, and in those days it was very rare for people to own their own – both black and white as well as coloured. The television was introduced to my Nan through my Aunty, and one thing that was mentioned was the fact that the old TV’s were big and bulky, and in my Nan’s words she referred to them as a ‘big bulky box’. The television itself had no remote controls and was tuned through a dial on the front of the box.Read More »