Global Films: Nollywood & Korean Cinema

Nollywood is a term you probably haven’t heard of before. Don’t worry I was the same. Nollywood is Nigeria’s film industry, which is the third largest film industry in the world. These films draw on traditional characteristics and situations that are present in Nigeria as well as TV series that are imported from other places… Continue reading Global Films: Nollywood & Korean Cinema


Transnational Films & Cultural Appropriation

Transnational films are those which blend a variety of elements from a diversity of nations, these in turn cannot be easily defined as belonging to one nation as they become transnational. However, I would like to raise the question of wether using transnational elements in films would impact on or change the overall culture that… Continue reading Transnational Films & Cultural Appropriation

International Students studying in Oz

Australia is often characterised and defined by other countries as a multicultural society, does this ideology however stretch to include international students planning to gain an education in our country? Overall international education is Australia’s third/fourth largest export industry, meaning that international education is a very profitable business. Marginson suggests that ‘international education is not… Continue reading International Students studying in Oz