Origami Paper Cranes

When thinking of what to do for this assessment I was stumped. I didn’t know which way I wanted to go in terms of topics and found myself procrastinating heavily through the weeks and putting it off.  It was a few weeks before I had to present this Digital Artefact to a group of people… Continue reading Origami Paper Cranes


Paper Crane Installation

My response to the theme 'Wonder' Wonder is an emotion that spurs marvel, imagination, examination, investigation, and speculation that is caused by something beautiful, remarkable or unfamiliar. Devices of wonder invite the audience to engage in the work and ultimately become a part of it. The curiosity sparked between an individual and the work encourages… Continue reading Paper Crane Installation


Censorship is present in today’s society around the world, where governments or bodies are suppressing the right for individuals to access books, films, news sites and websites because they are considered to be obscene, politically incorrect or a threat to security. The idea of internet freedoms is rapidly becoming understood as a normative framework for… Continue reading CENSORSHIP – A GLOBAL INEQUALITY

MEDA101: Where I’m From Remoscopes

https://vimeo.com/210574915 Where am I from? Well, that's quite an interesting question. George Ella Lyon’s poem 'Where I'm from' sparked my investigation to explore places, objects, events and people that are important to me throughout my life so far. When reflecting on this, a few fundamental things came to mind: my family, camping and reading. My approach… Continue reading MEDA101: Where I’m From Remoscopes

Reflecting on Transnational Media and Cultural Industries

Reflecting on my BCM288 Transnational Media and Cultural industries experience, I have found that it has allowed me to open my eyes to a range of different subjects to do with film and digital media companies, consumers and the abundance of creative and cultural content flows happening in the world and especially Australia. While taking… Continue reading Reflecting on Transnational Media and Cultural Industries