Project Proposal

Taking elements from my research in these blog posts (1 & 2), I have come to the conclusion that playing with the elements of natural vs man-made and the idea of these being put in places they arent from would be an interesting concept to explore.

When discussing and brainstorming my ideas with my group some ideas and examples were pitched. Ideas that were suggested included showing the physicality of sound, so working with waveforms and the differences that are found between them in environments by using spectrograms (like Bernie Krause explored in his TEDTalk) or even using elements like water or rice to highlight these.


I like these ideas and think that they can be achievable and interesting to explore further. However, I think that I would like to use these ideas as inspiration and not something that I would be imitating.

These brainstorming ideas with my group coupled with my research have inspired me to create something regarding the themes of natural vs manmade. I believe these ideas that have been brought up in the group are achievable and will be interesting to further explore in practice. While being careful not to imitate these works and ideas, I plan to use these selected artists as a means of inspiration when thinking about my project for this subject.

So what are my ideas for this project?

My first ideas are spurred by Leah Barclay who I spoke about previously in my last blog post. Her project ‘Rainforest Listening‘ has inspired me to do something somewhat similar with the theme of natural vs manmade. In my first idea, I was thinking about playing with the idea of the sound being performed by working with two audio clips – urban sounds and natural sound – by either:

  • Placing them in some kind of hallway. On one end, the sound would be natural and the other manmade. And while these sounds play, the audience would move between them and work with the shift between the two.
  • Placing a phone or recording device in a natural space to pick up the ambient sounds. Showcasing this through a device and headphones that the audience has to pick up and put on to experience.
  • Using both sounds and spectrograms together to illustrate the differences in sounds that are heard through the headphones.
  • Projecting scenes of busy urban manmade structures on the walls, but also providing the natural sounds through a device that the audience can put on. The audience is submerged in the busy scenes while also listening to the calm, natural sounds.
  • Playing with the idea of sound becoming physical by taking advantage of the numerous items that can be manipulated by sound waves. This could be interesting and turn into a science like project which could be cool to document and experiment with.

My ideas are not limited to the ideas listed above, these are just a starting point. When brainstorming concepts with my group other themes and ideas to do with sound were talked about.  My group have some really fantastic ideas, which could mean that we could take all our intersecting themes, bring them together and create something exceptional. That’s if all members choose to of course. I guess time will tell.


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