Practice – “The actual application or use of an idea, belief or method as opposed to theories relating to it” or “The repeated exercise in or performance of an activity or skill to acquire or maintain proficiency in it”.


In MEDA301 this semester, I believe that both of these definitions will fittingly apply. The first seminar this week was an example of the first definition that I have listed of the word practice. In groups, we had to come up with a project that had to relate to Anthropocene and focus on one artistic practice, either video, sound, light, photographs or the internet and digital archive.

Each of these artistic practice mediums have traditions in their context and meaning, as well as a set structure to how the mediums are represented and what languages are used. In this exercise, we tested the concept of ideas becoming a reality and finding where the parameters exist in each artistic practice. I found that discussions and practice are essential in creating and should be sought out for as there are more learning opportunities and ideas in the act of practising rather than theorising. One could say that the goal for the course is to bring together the methods of theory and practice through experience.

Figuring out your practice mindmap 

I have difficulty seeing myself at the end of this degree and in a particular field. What I mean by this is that I’m still not very sure where this is going to take me, all I know is that I’m having fun and doing really well on this journey. So the question “Do you see yourself or your learning situation in an existing field” is a big one.

I have always had an interest in photography, and have dabbled in other artistic mediums like video and sound and have found that I enjoy them all. I have also ventured into the arena of blogging and reviewing due to the communication and media aspect of my degree (thank you DA’s!).

Because of this, I have had the opportunity to start and maintain projects over the course of my degree and become familiar with the mediums of blogging, social media, photography and video. I found that important skills that I have needed to have or have gained from these experiences include the ability to think creatively, be able to experiment with mediums and different materials, have the enthusiasm to learn new skills and have the resilience to keep trying (FEFO anyone??).

In order to figure out the practice that I want to pursue in MEDA301, I will need to narrow down my ideas into a single artistic practice. Whilst the workshop helped me somewhat brainstorm and bring together my thoughts, interests and skills I’m still left a bit confused wondering what exactly my practice is. However, I would like to work with and further research the medium of soundscapes. I’m hoping to create experiences through the medium of sound and experiment with it further.


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