Digital Project – Media and the Public Space Reflection


For my Digital Project, I chose to look into public spaces and how people use technology and social media within them. I wanted to explore the idea of how media affects the connections people make to public spaces, the other people around them and whether introducing technology into a public space have been beneficial.

In order to explore this, I decided to take photos of the public spaces to show how they are being occupied and used and add them to the blog post. I found this to be quite fun and a good way to show people what I was talking about on the blog. My original idea with the photos was to take one before people were in the public space then take another during. I, however, wasn’t able to do this and stuck to taking photos of the public spaces during the time there would be people occupying it.

I thought it would be interesting to look at three different public spaces and do some research on them. I chose to look at the University of Wollongong, the lighthouse and restaurants and food centres. Most of my primary research methods were to watch people in the spaces and take notes on what was happening. In order to flesh out my discussion about the media spaces I chose to talk about topics relating to space, so for example with the lighthouse, I talked about the Pokémon go craze and how this used the lighthouse as a public space. I thought by doing some research into these kinds of topics it would really enhance my observations and also add some good information about how technology is being used in the spaces.



I faced a few challenges with this project which included time. I did end up leaving this project a bit late which did end up influencing what I could and couldn’t do. For example, I didn’t realise that when I went to go to university to take photos of the spaces that there wouldn’t be that many people there because the class had finished – total blonde moment. This lead me to look through previous blog posts for photos as well as finding some online.

Another problem I thought I would have been taking photos of people in public spaces. I had to consider the fact that these people wouldn’t want their photos being taken. This influenced me to take photos of people from far away from where you wouldn’t necessarily be able to recognise them or take photos of people from behind for the same reasons. I tried to be ethical and respectful when taking the photos of people and I think I did okay in that department.



I chose to present my Digital project on my WordPress blog as I thought it would be easier to use. WordPress is a great place to blog as it is very easy to format your blog posts which make it a whole lot easier for your audience to read. I thought that by using WordPress my content would really benefit from the layout.


Usefulness to the Media Industries:

I believe a project like this would benefit media industries as it provides a good insight into how people are consuming media. This would, in turn, allow industries to build themselves around the subject in a way which they would benefit from. I believe this project gives a unique insight which could be very helpful and informative in the ways in which people consume media on a day to day basis in public spaces.


Results & Future / what I took away from the Project:

The results of my digital project weren’t very surprising, in fact, I had a suspicion about the way that media is used in public spaces. Overall, watching and observing the behaviours of people in the spaces really opened my eyes to the crazy media usage there is on a daily basis. From these results I have received, it has really highlighted that we are constantly on our phones. Whether it be to check up on Facebook or to text someone we are always connected and we don’t have a break. I think from seeing all this that it’s actually quite dangerous. This project has definitely opened my eyes and made me reconsider how much I use my phone during the day when I don’t have to.



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