The Internet of Things

The internet of things is about connecting devices over the internet, letting them talk to us and applications. The rapidly growing network of connected objects that are able to collect and exchange data using embedded sensors. Devices can include smart fridges, smart home and smartwatches. The introduction of these devices is more about the use of personal argumentation – which means less about individual devices and more about living services that people program and connect smart devices however they feel.IoT_20141023_01.jpg

Smart heating gives the user the control to turn down and up the heating remotely or turn it off even though there isn’t anyone home. Smart homes are the most readily available for consumers, from the Amazon echo or the Nest thermostat there are quite a few products on the market for users to control and make their lives feel more connected. As well as this the smart fridge which would tell you when it’s out of milk or text you when items went out of date.

Smartwatches like the Apple watch and other smart watched in the market are great examples of how the market has turned our wrists into a smartphone with the availability of text messages and phone calls.


There could be some downsides to this awesome technology, though. You could seriously compromise security and privacy if these items were hacked, however, because there isn’t really that big of a market for some of these products yet you would think that hackers would ignore it. But that’s just my wishful thinking.

Think about it, a house which he fully controlled through a little device you can control. However, let’s hope that it doesn’t go down the same road as that Simpsons episode where the house goes crazy and ends up attacking the characters.




9 thoughts on “The Internet of Things

  1. Hi, your meme and Simpsons combo worked nicely as its relevant and relatable! I think you nailed the IOT concept perfectly and you also explored two sides of the coin when talking pros and cons. Great post.


  2. I agree there are downsides to these “smart objects”. Privacy-breaches and hacking are common in this day and age and happen more often than not. Do you think that this technology presents more of a threat to people rather than a benefit? Here is an article that describes some of the dangers of iot that I think you would find really interesting and relatable to your blog,


  3. I really enjoyed your allusion to the Simpsons in this post because it was the first thing I thought of when I watched this weeks lecture! The fact that the internet can become so accessible as we are almost always connected to it is quite interesting. Smart houses are becoming more and more so common which is extremely interesting, myself, I wouldn’t be comfortable if my house welcomed me every time I came home, seems just a little bit creepy. However, this is how materiality is now conceptualised and transcends the homogenisation of space and time in relation to how connected we are to the internet, through mediums such as smart houses. If you still don’t think of the notion of smart homes being creepy, in the future they will recognise their residence by their heartbeats ( That’s a breach of my privacy for sure, if my heartbeat isn’t private, nothing can be. I guess that’s the price we pay for such accessibility for connectivity.


  4. Hey there. It would be great if we turn a blind eye to the fact that our security and privacy will not be compromised under increasingly integrated technological personal environments. However, the reality is that this connection is rapidly increasing in popularity and its unfortunate that the very intricacies of our personal lives could be open to hackers.

    An interesting area you could explore in relation to smart homes is the impact it will have on the elderly or disabled. I think this area will be very beneficial for those who are dependent on others to assist them. Having everything easily controllable will no doubt help assist those who cannot assist themselves and provide them with a more comfortable living.


  5. Great post. I like the examples you gave of smart homes and smart watches and that you also highlighted the negative of this as well as the positives. Great use of meme and images to engage your post.


  6. The Simpsons has always been good at predicting the future, wouldn’t you say? Great post. I love the idea that the IoT is already gaining traction through items such as smartwatches which have already been connected to the internet. Amazing that we can control our entire homes from our watch.


  7. well-written blog! like your expression on The Simpsons. As you said, IoT just like putting every smart object into a tiny remote to control them easily. Which may predict the possibility of people would more and more rely on technology, instead of manual work.


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