Hacktivists are people who gain unauthorised information or access to computer files or networks in order to further social or political ends. We all know there are people out there that would do anything to get a hold of our personal information, even out social media sites. We have to be careful to use a variety of different passwords and usernames in order to avoid our accounts being hacked.


If you don’t already know, Myspace has been hacked and it has been said to be the largest breaches ever on social media. Yes, your old Myspace account has been hacked and has come back to haunt you. In the days of Myspace, 1464367311324180.pngpasswords were not protected very well which means that if you are still using the same passwords on any other site today as you did for this social network your account is at risk!

Thomas White who is a security researcher known as ‘TheCthulhu’ has published the database of 427 million passwords for more than 260 million users of the Myspace social network. So right now, the passwords have been dumped on the online public domain for anyone to access. Once this information is out there it’s going to be hard to get rid off.

So moral of the story, check your accounts and make sure that your passwords are all secure. Hackers are interested in your passwords more than your account because they cause it to access anything that you have used the same password for, so that could mean your bank account or any other important account you have. Be careful!





5 thoughts on “Hacktivists

  1. Great insight into the weeks blog. The number of sources you used is also a credit to your research practices.I found the file depicting the hacks and leaks of Myspace passwords so interesting as I too have a generic PW haha.


  2. I like the specificity of your blog post for this week. I think you provided a really good example of Myspace especially as it is a platform that is not in common use and has subsequently been forgotten about however our information remains there. It is something that I know I myself had forgotten about and this is a scary thought. It might be helpful in the future to hyperlink your post instead of referencing it at the end. It might save you some time and aid with the overall aesthetic of the blog.


  3. Yo, What’s crackin lad! excellent post again, the memes are great as usual! I had no idea that myspace had been hacked, i hadn’t thought of that website since i was in year 5. Your use of stats and facts really helped make your blog post interesting and made me really think about my passwords and the security, qwerty isn’t probably the best password anymore. here’s a blog which talks about the people that were hacked recently on youtube. Like some really big names from the website – https://blogjob.com/oneangrygamer/2016/01/youtube-terrorists-are-hacking-and-exposing-data-from-big-name-youtubers/
    its a great read, Well done on the post!


  4. Hey there – great post! i like how your blog was a bit different as you looked at the works of other hactivists other than Anonymous and wikileaks so good work! I agree with the person above, your research really adds to this post and makes it quite insightful. good work!


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