Social Network Revolutions

Social media has the power to unite and link people around the world. During the #Blacklivesmatter protests in America, Twitter became the platform used to unite all people from around the world to one very big topic.  Twitter was used in order to bring pressure and light on a number of shooting that had been taking place around America to unarmed, innocent black lives.

trayvon4.jpgIn July 2013 the trial of George Zimmerman who had shot dead a 17-year old African American Trayvon Martin while he was unarmed on his way back from a convenience store was where the black lives matter hashtag was created. Using the hashtag allowed and encouraged people to speak out on Twitter and other platforms about their experience and their outrage over these issues.

url-1.jpgAgain, another incident happened where 18-year old Michael Brown was shot dead by an officer in Ferguson. The officer fired 12 rounds at Brown even though he was unarmed. Again protests broke out on the day of the shooting, which started riots and a freedom ride under the black lives matter hashtag and campaign.

The movement used to unite people and inform people about the black lives matter campaign is powerful. Social media plays a very big part in these situations, where it becomes a tool that people use to find out information from as well as inform others. “Social media could serve as a source of live, raw information. It could summon people to the streets and coordinate their movements in real time

From across the world, people know about the issue and want to help the people in need in a way, and social media allows for this to happen.




6 thoughts on “Social Network Revolutions

  1. Aloha amigo, Your meme is great and its incredibly accurate. Twitter has helped so many people with so many issues and has united so many people, regardless of their race, gender, religion and age. It really helps show the perspectives of other people as well. However, it does the exact same for the other side, like helping broadcast hate and horrible things said by others. Just look at Donald Trump’s Tweets, a lot of them are actually horrible. Referencing black lives matter was a good way of relating it to everyone, so anyone can understand what the point of your blog was about. The use of imagery was excellent to, it gave me a break from reading, even though its only a few seconds break and it really separated your post well. Fantastic job, keep up the fantastic work


  2. This case is really one of the greatest examples of social network revolutions in recent times. For many people, this was the first protest they had seen performed on such a large scale both physically and on the internet. While to a point it is insensitive, the fact that this is was so big that the hashtag was reworked for comedic effect, shows how much of a significant issue it was an how many people around the world interacted with it. Great post and great use of the meme at the bottom.


  3. Hey Bec,
    The Black Lives Matter campaign took off online! It was one of the biggest online social revolutions to unfold. This movement resulted in a whole new network of people speaking out and voicing their opinions in support. Not only did it draw immediate attention to a serious issue it also helped raise awareness of the ongoing war of racism occurring around the globe. A unique feature you may wish to add is a scrolling giphy of the tweets that have fallen under the hashtag #blacklivesmatter to highlight just how large and supported this viral campaign was. You can make one here 🙂


  4. A perfect and current example of a movement on Twitter. Many celebrities have gotten behind #blacklivesmatter and they show their support for the issue quite passionately online. Matt McGorry for example actively protests online and in person for #blacklivesmatter and uses his social media accounts to raise awareness and spread word of this campaign to his 500K Twitter followers. Example:


  5. I appreciate how you have made an effort to use a current example of how twitter can disseminate a message for change. This hashtag definitely started a lot of conversations world wide directly related to the #BlackLivesMatter movement, however they seem to lack clear direction and purpose. This guy vocalises some of the problems with lack of missions/goals: (be sure to also read the comments responding to his thoughts. They’re really interesting).


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