Apple and Android – Does it Really Matter?

The classic iPhone vs. Android debate, the two dominant operating systems for mobile devices today. The two are basically the same at the lowest level of operating: they allow the user to call, text, access the internet and use applications. However, there is a very clear difference between the two operating systems which I will get into.

iOS.pngThe Apple iPhones IOS operating system is a more closed or a ‘walled garden’ where users can only access applications and other software which have been accepted by Apple themselves. In doing this the IOS system only holds applications which have been reviewed by Apple which can be a bit of a process. This limits the user’s control over the platform and also the types of applications that they can have on their phone.

url.jpgOn the other hand, Android is more of an open ecosystem which allows for more user flexibility. The phone’s software can be easily manipulated and customised by the user, which also allows the user to create and download applications when they desire. The user is able to manipulate the phone to what they want.

Now, I have to fess up here. I do own an iPhone and love the way that the Apple ecosystem works. I like the idea of having a controlled platform as I really don’t have the need to customise my device or the software in it. The apple system just seems easier to me and it’s the system I grew up using so its like second nature. I must admit, though, I was seriously thinking of changing to an Android, only because I wanted to test out the whole system. I never got around to it though because it was a bit of a commitment plus I was worried how it would go with connecting to my MacBook and such.


Its great to see people branching out into the Android ecosystem, I mean go for it! Even people who absolutely love the simplicity of the Apple products, good for you! But I honestly don’t understand why this has to be such a bit debate or thing. People will choose the system that they feel comfortable with which is totally okay. My parents, for example, wouldn’t be able to operate an Android because they are so used to a simple operating system and that’s all good. My point of this post is to highlight that yes, both these two operating systems do come with positives and negatives and it’s totally okay to pick whatever you feel is good for you because in the end it really doesn’t matter!



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One thought on “Apple and Android – Does it Really Matter?

  1. I really like how you broke down the “rivalry” between Apple and Android. This is up there with the biggest modern day product rivalries like Marvel vs DC, Star Wars vs Star Trek, Playstation vs Xbox, Coke vs Pepis. I think most of this is simply generated by the internet. As someone who is a comic book fan that follows comic book news, there are endless amount of Facebook comments on posts that are simply people arguing between 2 superhero brands. I saw something the other day on YouTube where they were discussing the comic book rivalry and they summed it up perfectly. In the modern day, if you “like” or “dislike” something, then it is interpreted that you either “hate” or “love” it’s competitor. I own an iPhone and I love my iPhone, but I wish my iPhone could do certain things that Androids did. I spoke about that in my post for this week. Overall a really good post. The Rock’s face summaries the internet’s reaction perfectly.


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