Australian Co-Productions – Children Shows

coproduction5.jpgCo-production provides a means to pool financial, creative and technical resources from participating countries for the production of film and television programs. These productions enhance the collaboration between countries that have small production industries which allow for a pool of resources and the ability for the country to compete in an international market. Co-productions are governed by official treaties which allow for a variety of public funding mechanisms and an increase in production budgets.

Co-productions show an increasingly interconnected global economy and cultural forms and expressions. By converging content, the development of new program formats produced for global distribution like reality TV shows or hybrid programs which are composed of different genre elements.

Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 3.08.13 pm.pngIn Australia, coordinating industrial funding with other countries needs to satisfy the tastes and markets of the audience of both territories can be an interesting task. Overall most drama productions have been programs for children. Co-production in children drama is more likely to attract foreign finance than general drama for adults. This would mainly be because of the animation factor when an animation is involved it is easier to partner with a country because there is not reliance on location shooting on either territory. As well as this, the animation is quite easily dynamic and diverse as it allows for a change in accents and languages which I helpful when translating certain animations to fit a country or culture.

dgAustralia has been involved in quite a few co-productions which involve animation, which can be quite quirky for lack of a better word. Dead gorgeous for example is one of them, it follows the adventure of three sisters who are ghosts trying to fit in the new century. This co-production was made in 2010 with the United Kingdom and was a big hit (well my sister definitely thinks so). This production has also screened in multiple territories throughout Europe and has another series in development.  Other great production would have to 265140_l_1460687022include Erky Perky, which is another quirky animation series. This series has 78 episodes and has been nominated for a number of awards. Erky Perky is a co-production animation with Canada who is our main co-producer. Both Erky Perks and Dead gorgeous are still replaying in Australia today on ABC3, and don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

Using co-productions with other countries has a great benefit for Australia, especially in relation to films and other mediums. Australia has an advantage to signing up to co-productions, as it gets us out there in the competitive market and allows for collaboration with a bunch of different countries. I, however, think that it also brings some negatives, including the loss of full production control but also the problem of satisfying both of the audience’s taste. A lot of cultural translations would be lost in the process in order to include both the audiences with the media.


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