Distributed and Decentralised Networks

The internet provides forms of communication and information to everyday individuals all around the world. Communication networks such as distributed and even decentralised networks allow for connections to be made through numerous amounts of central points, which connect to one another.Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 6.35.42 PM Using these two modes of communication it can be very difficult to shut down or break the node to stop information from travelling.

Torrent file sharing is a great example of these communication networks at work. Sites like The pirate bay (TPB) do not host any local files which could be subjected to copyright laws but do provide information about the files and way to get to them. This torrenting website uses distributed server structures that make it somewhat impossible to shut down.

On December 9, 2014, TPB had their servers raided by the Swedish police and managed to shut down their servers for the first time while a majority their main founders were convicted. However, did little to stop the site as they are still up and running today. By hosting a number of cloud providers which are located in many different countries it is impossible for a single police raid to stop this organisation. It is seen as almost impossible to shut down one decentralized or even distributed networks as the information is more than likely distributed across the other nodes or if one shuts down others are still readily available.



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2 thoughts on “Distributed and Decentralised Networks

  1. Even if they tried to get rid of all the torrenting sites that would be impossible. As they all follow a distributed network. As it does not need to depend on one main host. It was still able to get pass the situation as all the other nodes are still active and helping to provide for that missing node. Also torrenting sites help one another. Recently kickasstorrent got pulled down. After a while TBA showed a new link on their main site on the new kickass site.


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