Remixing is the act of rearranging, combining, editorializing and adding original content to create something new. It is said that we live in the age of remix, where world of art, invention and creation are informed and inspired by things that people have experienced. However, does this make the content which is being remixed original, and does it actually matter?


The laws of copyright almost inhibit individuals to manipulate content that has copyright infringements. Some could say that this inhibits an individual’s ability to creativity when this content is involved. A case of two Dj’s from Perth and San Francisco are great examples of this. They both used Green Days Album American Idiot and remixed it with a variety of other artists like Aerosmith and Eminem. These two DJ’s got into a load of trouble because of copyright, but the community came together and signed a petition against this album that they made getting out. I think the following quite sums it up pretty well:

“We now inhabit a ‘remix culture’, a culture which is dominated by amateur creators – creators who are no longer willing to be passive recipients of content,” – Australian lawyers from the Queensland University of Technology in the report Mashups, Remixes and Copyright Law

This example is great in showing how far behind our laws are when there are creators out there manipulating material in a remix form. The debate could be either that it’s not an original material that is being created, rather a hybrid form of the same material. Does this even matter though? Yes, this is an important role of the audience, they are supposed to be responding to the content through media since this is what the new age media is about. Audiences are able to ‘talk to or back’ to the content and critique it using their own knowledge and language. So taking an individuals right to respond back to this media is like making the roles of the new age media go backwards, where audiences have to be passive consumers and not active ones, which really defeats the purpose.

Take DJ Earworm for example, his job every year is to find the biggest 25 hits during the year and mash them up to create an exciting mashup. This is a great thing to do, as our memories can be tied to song, and in doing this it allows people who listen to it to go “Oh I remember listening to that song! I was doing this when it came out!”. Making something like this inspires people, which I think is amazing in itself. I think that doing things like this makes old material new and different content.

I have included a video of his work, you should definitely check it out!


Sources I used for this post:


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