Digital Artefact – My Annotated Bibliography

For BCM112 we have to create a digital artefact, for this project I have decided to continue on with my book review blog that I created last year. You can find my blog HERE, please check it out!

So for my annotated bibliography, I have picked out 10 sources that I have found to encourage me to do and write more on my blog, as well as a number of other sources to help my writing style and help me engage my audience more.

Below are my sources for my annotated bibliography

1 ) Source One: Sasha Alsberg

Sasha Alsberg is a well-known book blogger in the community, who created her blog in 2013. I stumbled across it a couple of years ago when I was just browsing. She inspired me to write and review my own books, as I did have some of the same views as her, but in making my own blog I could express my ideas and thoughts more effectively. She continually encourages and inspires me to run my blog, and also gives me ideas when it comes to my blog and what to review. I believe that her videos are effective as she talks about quite a few aspects of reading, what she does really well however, is that she engages with her audience which makes the content more interesting.

2 ) Source Two: Book Trust

The second source that I have picked is all about tips for starting a book blog. I think this website is very helpful when it comes to tips, which I will definitely take on board during my Digital Artefact. I think the tip for joining with the memes is a helpful one as I think it would add more character to my blog and also help me to engage with the audience more. This source would be helpful for those who are just starting their blog and I think that even though I have established myself on my blog, it holds tips that I can still use now.


3 ) Source Three: Caffeinated Book Reviewer

My third source also gives some helpful tips and tricks for those running blogs on WordPress. I believe this website will be very helpful in giving me information on how to establish a more professional website that would become more appealing to an audience. Within this source, there are 24 hyperlinks which lead to another page with instructions. One hyperlink that I think would be quite effective for my Digital Artefact would be the ‘how do I grow my blog’ hyperlink. Within the instructions, it talks about how to showcase your blog and gain a wider audience as well as running different types of social media and how to link them.


4 ) Source Four: Goodreads

Goodreads is another source that I use pretty often which I find very effective. This source allows for me to be open to new books and other people’s reviews. This site allows for people to keep up to date with the books their readings, helps them find new books to read and also provides a platform for them to express their ideas and opinions on books. Goodreads is a great site as it allows me to look online and find a whole lot of books that I may be interested in. In doing this, it will allow me to find new content for my Digital Artefact.


5 ) Source Five: PaperFury

This website is a source that I looked at when starting my blog. It gave me a lot of design ideas that I could incorporate into my blog and make it look more professions. I found this source helpful because it has quite good content that gives me some ideas and inspiration on what I could post next on my blog as well as layout options that would enhance my blog. I also believe this source is effective as it keeps me up to date with other events that are happening in the book world, like when books are coming out etc.


6 ) Source Six: For Dummies

This website is a great breakdown on how to effectively write a blog post. I believe this is an effective source because it gives you tips on how to develop an effective writing style and voice as well as how to attract readers. I believe these are great tips for me in relation to my Digital Artefact as I’m trying to find my voice when blogging and feel as if these suggestions are quite useful.


7 ) Source Seven: Book Depository

The book depository is a great site for buying books for a very reasonable price. I will be using this site as I use my book blog because I can get great deals on the books and not spend as much money as I would when going to an actual bookshop. I have already used this site a number of times to order books from and it has had quite successful book hauls from it. Overall this site is an effective site to use as it will allow me to buy some more books that I can further use in the Digital artefact when it comes to reviews.


8 ) Source Eight: Amazon

Amazon can be used as both a platform in which I can buy books, as well as a platform where I can add my reviews. Amazon has a wide selection of books to look for, just like Goodreads, however, it’s a more used platform for all audiences interested in books. Because of this, I would like to start putting up my reviews on this site in order to gain a wider audiences interest. In doing this, this will allow me to create a wide community from different media points.  Overall I will be using this site to buy books from as well as post my reviews.


9 ) Source Nine: Peruse Project

This source is obviously a YouTube one that Regan Runs. She is another book blogger who gives me ideas and inspires me to do some of the posts that I do. I believe that she is an effective source to use as reliable one as she effectively talks about the books that she reviews in a way that is very informative and yet entertaining, which is what I’m trying to do with my blog. Again, she was another book blogger that I stumbled upon when I was just starting out my blog and I think that she is a great example of what I want my blog to be like, quirky, entertaining and informative. I can effectively use her a source as I think that her videos will give me a range of other things that could be fun to post on my blog.


10 ) Source Ten: The Writing Center

This source is from a college of arts and science blog, where they specifically have a section for how to do a book review. I believe this source is very reliable and has some great information that I can take on for my digital artefact. It has some great information and tips on how to summarise the content from the book into an effective review. Out of all the sources, I believe this one is the best that I have picked and I think I will be using this to help me with writing effective book reviews for my blog.



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