A new type of media has been introduced to me this week – Glitch art. I had absolutely no clue what it was until I was shown a picture of it in action so I’m going to add some bellow for you.

These glitch art photos were done by an artist called Sabato Visconti. His photography messes with the digital properties of a photograph in order to create a glitched piece of art. These photographs that Visconti creates are surreal and atmospheric and are appeared to be the work of an abstract painter. He first came across glitch art through accident, when a friend was having problems with a card reader, which was making a distorted image. The artist then took this further, figuring out how to produce that kind of effect without the broken card reader, and adding and taking away from the code of a picture to create a new interesting glitch in a photograph.  This is a great new source of expression which allows individuals to manipulate a photograph in a very unique and crazy way, creating a very unexpected result.

“If a glitch is a visual manifestation of an unexpected malfunction in source code or other technology, then glitch art is an exploitation of that in the name of expression.”

There is also a load of different way that you can create glitch art that doesn’t just include a compute based program. These can include: Circuit-bending where you rewrite or alter the circuit within the device, Data bending which allows you to manipulate data files by opening a file in a program designed to open another and lastly datamoshing where individuals intentionally distort media through a loss of data during a file compression process.

(Left – Circuit Bending , Middle – Data Bending , Right – Datamoshing)

The essence of glitch art is a that humans subject themselves to technology and exert control over it to a greater of lesser extent in order to produce an artwork. This whole idea of glitch art relies heavily on the individual taking the medium into their own hands in order to create something creative and different – which is in this day and age easier because of the changing nature of media.

Without the ability for individuals to create and respond to the media this kind of art form would never have been dreamed of. So a new piece of glitch at with a unique and developed narrative beyond the default concepts that drive the medium become very valuable because it helps push the boundaries of what we expect to come out of this movement.

How to do glitch Art: YouTube Tutorial

Sources I used for this post:


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