Learning to be Curious

Curiosity can ultimately be defined as a strong desire to learn or know something. But personally, I would define it as a journey of discovery.

In my lifetime I have had multiple times where curiosity has lead me to discovering or learning new things. I guess my sense of curiosity can be seen through the amounts of time I spend on Netflix pressing ‘next’ to watch the next episode of my favourite T.V show so I can see what happens next (yes, I know it’s very typical), or even what sent me to the other side of the world for three weeks practically by myself or even what lead me to being electrocuted when I was fixing a lamp (yep, pretty stupid way of finding out not to touch power points).

But my greatest exposure to curiosity would be through my nine year old sister Skye. I have had the privilege to see her grow up and develop into the young girl that she is today. And over these nine years have seen plenty of moments where curiosity has captured her and lead her on a journey of understanding, whether it be good or bad.

One event that has stuck with me about her being curious would have to be the day she learnt about the solar system. After finding out about it all that day at school, she decided that she knew all about it and just had to teach us all that she learnt. She did this by creating a keynote on the computer and using the internet (which is crazy, like how does she know how to use the computer!). Each slide included a planet and some form of information she had found on the internet about it next to it (mind you most of the information was copied and pasted). And after she had finished her keynote about the planets in the solar system and all the information she could find about the stars she presented it to all of us, her face practically beaming as she showed us all the work she had done.

Curiosity can be a powerful thing, something that could either turn out to be absolutely amazing or something not so good. Ultimately people can help you feel curious about things, and in this case my little sister was the one who did this for me. I’m grateful, because without her I wouldn’t be as curious about my surroundings as I should be, and wouldn’t be asking ‘why’ all the time. So I’ll leave you all with a good quote that I found that I think pretty much sums up this whole post!

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 5.42.04 PM


Have a great day guys!


One thought on “Learning to be Curious

  1. I have a ten year old daughter and I’ve noticed this same thing in her — if she learns a new thing, she’ll make a keynote or PowerPoint presentation about it.

    It’s also a great age for questions. Today about a compulsory school outing she asked: “if you have to do it, why do you have to pay?”


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